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Re-defining cleaning standards in Kenya

Re-defining cleaning standards in Kenya



General Cleaning

The general appearance and overall sanitation standards are what differentiates your building from the rest. This is where Mop & Shine comes on board; you build, we maintain.

Commercial Cleaning

Whether it be a large office, a small office, a commercial loft space we guarantee that your workplace will be maintained efficiently to the highest standards.

Executive Office Cleaning

We know your staff thrive in a clean environment, and your clients will respect you for your attention to detail which serves as a warranty that you will meet their expectations.

Sofa and Carpet Cleaning

Nothing betrays you than dirty furniture and carpet. We provide reliable sofa and carpet cleaning services to keep your office or living spaces clean and presentable.

Domestic Cleaning

We offer a high-level residential cleaning service that allows you to quickly and easily book a trustworthy domestic worker from your phone or computer in just a couple minutes.

Post Construction Cleaning

A contractor may do a general cleaning of debris, but a detailed cleaning is not part of their job. We come in after they are done to thoroughly clean up your space.

Pest Control and Fumigation

We provide effective pest control solutions for both commercial and residential customers. The products we use are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Façade Cleaning

Mop & Shine offers comprehensive façade cleaning services to ensure the exterior of your building is presentable and free of any dirt, stains, grime, and pollutants.

Gardening & Landscaping

We are always planting, researching and forever improving to create exquisite gardens.We will transform your outdoors into tranquil spaces that uplift and inspire.

Events Cleanup

We provide high quality pre-event cleaning, during the event, and post-event cleaning services for events such as parties, expos, weddings, and more.

Garbage Collection & Sanitary Bin Service

Mop & Shine is a reliable provider of waste management services such as scheduled garbage collection and sanitary bin service.

Supply of Cleaning Products

We supply high quality cleaning products – from floor care, washroom hygiene to furniture care and everything in between commercial and domestic cleaning.


As a high-level cleaning company, we have worked with incredible brands all over Kenya.

As a high-level cleaning company, we have worked with incredible brands all over Kenya.

Want it clean? Let’s talk!

Want it clean? Let’s talk!